excitement & happiness.

so life has been the same for me, but it feels like im so excited for no apparent reason. maybe its because the school year is almost over, but these days ive been mostly happy. or it could be because of some the news friends i made these past weeks. i joined more forums since im like addicted and i think the true beauty of joining a forum is because you get to support the artist but also the interaction between the members. i know that some of the people i have met are really great and since we share same interests, its really nice for one.

we got a student teacher in our physics class. most of the class makes fun of him because he tends to… shy away from people. he seems to be really nervous in class and would look at the wall a lot for no reason and when we ask him a question most of the time he babbles on about random, intense laws of physics we don’t even want to bother with. the seniors in my class say it is because he lost his social skills studying too hard, which could be true, but i think it could be mainly due to the negative influences around him.

i noticed that he tended to glance around the class trying to see if other students are talking about him (and trust me. everyone talks about him). at first i acted the same way the people in our class did. roll our eyes at him, pretend to ignore him, and i realized i was just being like them. so i started asking him questions personally, and started to realize that he wasnt a bad teacher at all, but he just was really nervous and tense.

i guess he will gain experience as years pass by, but this made me realize how important our influences are, especially the society. i know it is hard to ignore it too, especially when you hear rumors or other things about you circulating the classroom or even the whole school.

but the truth is. peoples opinion shouldnt matter. its your world. its your life. and if people are talking CRAP about it. well SCREW THEM. :D


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