about me.

♥Name: Ji Youn Jeon / Younie♥

Age: 16
Birthday: August 14th
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Currently Living: Virginia, USA
Occupation: High School Student

My “almost epic” Life:
I was born in Seoul, South Korea in the year of 1993.

Later, my family and I moved to the States when I was 7 ~ 8 years old. Thankfully, my state of mind was still young and I was able to learn the American language. Several years later with the internet, I finally got in touch with the world and everything came together. Thanks to the internet, I getting in touch with kpop and before I knew it, I was translating Korean songs. Then, I got my youtube account (iMasochistic) and started subbing Boys Over Flowers material then after my account was deleted, I took a rest and came back with the “famous” account iBreatheLifeMusic. There I started to sub Haptic Mission episodes and more Boys Over Flowers material, until I fell in love with Kim HyunJoong. Then I was subbing SS501 material as well being established as a “quite” popular subber in YouTube. Now, with that account on the brink of suspension (thanks to KBS and SBS), I changed my account name to NulSaRangHae continuing with my subbing.


  1. LOL yes you are a popular subber and i pretty much have watched all the vids you have:):)
    P.S. i fell in love with kim hyun joong when i first saw him playing the violin in BOF the first time i saw him:):)

  2. Thank you very much. Without you, we, the non-Korean speakers, wouldn’t understand about everything the stars do or talk in the show.

  3. Thank you so so so much!!! I really appreciate all your hard work in subbing for all of us… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

  4. Woo! Hahaha, yes I too found you through your IBreathLifeMusic kekeke~ I guess its hard not to fall in love with Hyunjoong keke~ Keep up the awesome work and all your school works x) Hehe

  5. Thank you so much for your effort. I might not used to leave comments or message in your YT account. I really appreciate your hard works. I am sorry for the suspend of your account. However, happy for your news for 2010. Looking forwards for all your subbing ^^ fighting!

  6. Thanks for your subbings,
    I really enjoy watching shows with subs and being able to understand what they were talking about (:
    I fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong too after watching BOF, and then after that, fell in love with SS501! <3
    Thank you for you hard work, :D

  7. I love your subbing. I was pretty upset to hear about your account getting suspend, but I know you work something out. I really enjoy watching your videos. Hope you will be doing more of ss501 videos, or other videos you can make. I will be waiting. (:

    Thank you for your hard work, and yes you are very “famous” to my youtube experienced eyes. (:

  8. good job, great work ji youn. cheers! :)

  9. I really apprciate…
    I love ur video&subbng and i love hyun joong too..
    Thanks sooo much 4 all.. U’r very importn to non-korean as me..
    Keep up ur hardwork.
    We’ll support u… Hahahaha *I nevr knw how ‘d i support u*

  10. ahhh stupid me.. i have to read the page about the owner first.. ^^
    finally i know your ‘history’
    heheheeh i know you ji youn, since imasochistic and you have imasochistic2 before, right? but i still wonder who hacked your imasochistic account? its pretty weird.. i know things like suspended account or closed account.. but i just know about ‘hacked account’.. who that damn person hacked your account, and how come!!

    i found you because your 1st famous HAPTIC MISSION video… no one sub haptic mission at that time.. ad bammm you came… ^^ you know how happy me at that time? I a soooooooo happyyy… And since that day I stalked you and become ur fans…
    hahahha i still save your 1st subbing video haptic mission ep 1, as my private collection.. the one use white font.. ^^
    your haptic mission video is very famous for us at that time, F4 victim.. hahahahhahah…

    and i really thanks GOD you are finally became hyun joong fans, i hope you do forever as his fans hahahhaha, because of that, we, SS501 fans are saved by you… REALLY THANKFUL.. really….. *hahahah i am crying now* as an old TS i know how difficult for us, TS to get sub videos. I must admit before BOF era its hard for us to get subbed video, or not as fast as others fandom.. Somehow i envy others fandom because of that heheheehehe… We must have to very very very patient, that is why i learn about waiting and i do not mind waiting. I always think, daehangida there is someone/subber who willing to provide us subbed video, so dont be nagging about fast or not!!!
    Now for kpop new groups its really easy to get sub videos, not as hard as before. THaNK YOU, KPOP has grown up now because many people became kpop fan and addict now, not as rare as b4 !!!!!
    hahah but now because kpop has grow up and after BOF there is some subber like u or hurmutube or shirbogurl for SS501 stuff etc… So i am really thankful…

    You know I never dare imagine i can get sub videos less than 24 hours after broadcasted, because i always have waited for some time, and I do not mind. But, thanks to you, now we can experience that, get fastest subbed video from you.. *crying*
    You really the fastest subber i know ji youn, especially you brought us HARDSUB videos with really fast speed…
    the fastest video from you is SS501 chocolate.. that is quite long video.. just broadacasted in 1am but in 5am.. i open youtube and i found the subbed version.. AMAZING!!!!!

    okay enough my rambling, sorry for that ^^ heheh just became nostalgic… hahahhahahha..
    ibreathelifemusic in youtube? your ‘hardwork’ is mega famous.. ^^

    thank IBLM.. hwaiting nulsaranghae!!!


    1. hahha just recalled at the old times..
      the same kpop generation: dbsk, suju, ss501, bigbang..
      just TVXQ has amazing number subbed videos and subber team/individual.. and for suju, ss501, bigbang, its so hard to get sub videos about them.. hahahha.. the hard old day for us international fans…
      but after 2008 the condition became better for us (the fans for group outside dbsk).. ^^
      ahh really thankfull kpop grew up fast nowadays.. kpop jjang!!!

  11. Ji Youn…u r fantabulous!!!! never been addicted to any channel before..then IBLM came and change the history..i’ve never enjoy other sub as much as yours..then come the sad news, it does broke my heart (even grieving in fb), cant imagine yours, shattered..but..2010, it bring us better hope and work harder. I do believe in you and ur good work.

    kinda a left out a bit when read kimi notes above..huhu, wanna see the haptic mission too, guess im too late for that. so i’ll be waiting for ur latest sensation of sub power!!! hwaitting..

    i must say this..i luv all the vid that u sub before..all of them esp those wif KHJ part..sound so cute! hohoho u make me wannabe younger for few decades…me dreaming laaa..

    well dearest Ji Youn..keep it up all the excellent job and passion. Oh yeah..do keep up ur grades in school too..dont want our fav blogger/subber end up being stabbed by ur parent (as u said in NSRH)..hheheh


  12. Juz Wanted To Watch All The Vids That You’ve Subbed..BuAt Unfortunately The Account Had Been Deleted..Wish I Can Watch Them…Thanks For Them…And Now I’m Really Addicted With All Korean Things ;)

  13. holy crap! you’re only 4 days older than me
    oh yeaa LEO FTW!!

  14. no wait im the one 4 days older than you
    Y_Y i need to learn how to count

  15. you really are an amazing subber and i’m really thankful for your subs… always fast and always good quality. although it’s hard to be a one-person subbing team, you’ve always managed it… so wow! i’m amazed and impressed by your dedication! i’m so sorry to find out about your accounts being deleted and suspended… fan-ieyo!^^ yeah… i’m your unni fan!^^ and i really am grateful to you for your subs. *hugs* when you get to college and when i get work, imma send you a giftbasket!^^ kekeke!^^ thanks again! hwaiting!^^

  16. thanks a lot for your hardwork but study first before anything else! your works are amazing and good quality!!
    thanks again

  17. thank you for subbing for us non koreans
    btw im a 93 baby too :]

  18. i never knew you were just 16 years old until i spotted that [93er] in your twitter. and now i feel like i’m such an underachiever. i’m a 93er too haha! i’m a reader of kbites and i never thought that you’re just 16! and i really love you for subbing cn blue material and haha i still can’t believe you’re just 16. i wonder how you manage your time. T_T i has time management issues. *coughfandomcough* thanks for your hard work! <33

  19. just noticed that u change the photos..huhu miss KHJ

    1. yea. looks like yonghwa got to me ^^
      support hyunjoong all the way too ~

  20. thank you so much for all ur works and efforts aftre all this time :) i really appreciate it.

  21. ahhhh..saw you tweet with @aa_chan, and i thought your id was damnnn familiar. i LOVE your subs! :) keep up the good work.

  22. Hi, you are really cute. Please marry me.

    XOXO Yong Junhyung

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